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Get autoscaling out of the box with each PowerTools service.

This section does not apply to static components.

Container autoscaling

When you deploy a service with container components, each container component is set to auto scale based on the instance field in it's service.yml schema configuration:

  - https-public
    instances: 1-10

  - https-internal
    instances: 1-10

  - worker
    instances: 1-10

PowerTools currently only supports container based autoscaling based on CPU usage. If you have a different requirement, let us know.

Serverless autoscaling

Services that have serverless components get autoscaling by default.

You can control the maximum number of containers running by setting max_instances on the component.

You can control the minimum number of container instances running by setting min_instances on the component.

If you set min_instances to 1, at least 1 instance of your serverless function will always be runnning, preventing "cold starts".