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On your cloud(s)

PowerTools runs completely on your cloud account(s).

PowerTools is the only platform as a service that runs completely within your cloud perimeter.

Your cloud credentials never touch our servers, we never have access to your code and we are not a dependency for any of your apps.

Own your infra

Own your infrastructure - PowerTools runs completely on your own AWS and GCP accounts.

PowerTools creates native cloud resources to run your applications. It provisions your infrastructure with best practices around security, reliability and durability.

Bring your cloud account

Each environment is tied to a specific cloud account in a specific region. You can have both GCP and AWS environments in the same workspace.

  - name: prod
    cloud: aws
    cloud_region: us-west-1
    zones: 3
    cloud_account_id: abc1234

  - name: stage
    cloud: gcp
    cloud_region: us-east-1
    zones: 1
    cloud_account_id: abc1234

You can use different accounts, regions and clouds to run apps in a way that makes sense for your organization.

You can have multiple environments in the same cloud account and region, but you may run into cloud provider resource quota restrictions.

Security and compliance

PowerTools gives you a best practice architecture for running secure and compliant apps on your cloud accounts.

Companies working in regulated industries such as health care or financial services are free to use PowerTools since we never have access to your cloud account, data or code.

Health care companies that sign a BAA with GCP or AWS are compliant when using PowerTools.

No migrations

Start your team off on AWS or GCP from day one. No more worrying about migrating from a smaller cloud to AWS or GCP once you scale up.

Benefit from AWS and GCP cloud pricing, with the developer experience of a PAAS.

If you decide to migrate away from PowerTools your infrastructure will continue living in your cloud accounts and just work.

You can leverage reserved instances for even more savings when using PowerTools.

No new dependencies

When you set up a PowerTools workspace, everything needed is installed right in your own cloud account. No piece of your team's software delivery lifecycle is dependent on PowerTools servers.

Benefit from a platform like experience without having headache of depending on a platform that is not AWS or GCP. Benefit from the robustness of build in, cloud resources offered by both.

How it works?

When you run pt workspace sync, PowerTools provisions your cloud account in a robust way so you do not have to spend weeks learning how to manage infrastructure for your organization.

Behind the scenes, the CLI reconciles your workspace schema into a set of cloud infrastructure that it creates using the cloud specific apis.

Look out for a blog post on how we manage infrastructure in a reliable way using the cloud apis directly.