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Export debug information to safely inspect a service.

Occasionally, a deployment will fail, or a service will not work correctly. PowerTools has a debug tool built in, to export information about a service for when you need help.

Common failures

Failed deploys are not very common in PowerTools. The most frequent errors that happen are:

  • broken health check - the health check for a service is not returning a 200 response.
  • quota issues - your cloud account has hit a quota restriction for a resource PowerTools needs.
  • DNS - the nameservers for a root domain are not pointed at your workspace correctly.

pt debug

When your run pt debug, the pt CLI will introspect a service and export relevant configurations to help understand what is going on.

By default, these logs are cleansed of secret values and pushed to PowerTools, so our support team can help understand what is going on.

If you would like to inspect the debug output directly or do not feel comfortable sharing this with PowerTools for help, simply run pt debug --no-push.

PowerTools never has access to your cloud accounts.