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Deploy an app

Deploy your first app on AWS or GCP.

Once you have signed up and synced your first workspace, you are ready to create your first PowerTools service.

Create a new service

To create a service, simply run:

$ pt new

You will be given a prompt with various templates managed by the PowerTools. When you select a template and answer the prompts, a new service will be created for you.

Each service in a PowerTools workspace contains a service.yml file with configuration.

If there is a template app you would like to use, please let us know.

Run your service locally

To start your service with your local changes, simply run:

$ pt dev

Your application will start running, and if it is a website or api a local web portal will be opened for you to navigate to it.

PowerTools automatically watches your service for changes and restarts it. You can also share code between your host machine and PowerTools service using dev mounts.

Add secrets

To add a secret value to your app, run:

$ pt secrets edit

Your default text editor will be opened with a yaml file to add secret values to:

key: my-secret-password

# welcome to pt secrets - if you have any questions or need help, just ping us on pt chat

When you close this file, PowerTools will automatically decrypt and upload your secret and write a secrets.yml file locally.

You can override secrets for an environment by adding a yaml namespace such as prod: .

Build your service

To prepare your code to be deployed to your cloud account, simply run:

$ pt build --push

PowerTools will package your code, run hooks and push a build manifest into your cloud account. Everything you need for a repeatable, reliable build.

Each build is tied to a specific git-commit.

Deploy your service

Once your code is packaged using pt build you can deploy it using:

$ pt deploy --release --latest

Behind the scenes, PowerTools will provision everything from your ssl certificates, to dns records, to autoscaling, firewalls and more for your app to work reliably.

The first time you deploy an application with an SSL certificate, it may take up to 10 minutes for the certificate to be finished. After this, all deploys should take less than 15 seconds or so.

If you picked a public https template, you can run pt open to open your application in a web browser.

🚀 Congratulations

Congratrulations, you have shipped your first app with PowerTools.

This is just the beginning though. We recommend exploring our docs further to learn more:

  • core concepts - learn core concepts and philosophies of PowerTools
  • services - learn about the features of a PowerTools service
  • cloud components - learn how to mix and match components in your PowerTools services
  • workspaces - learn how a workspace works, and how to customize yours