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Setup a workspace

Set up your first workspace with just a few commands.

Once you have installed the PowerTools CLI, pt, you can create your first workspace for developing, deploying and operating apps.

Make sure you have your invite code handy.


To signup for your first workspace space, simply run:

$ pt signup

Make sure to have your PowerTools invite code handy. PowerTools sends an authentication code to your email, so be sure to signup with a work or personal email you have access to.

Create a workspace schema

At the end of the signup process, pt will ask you if you would like to create your workspace schema. Select (yes).

You can also run pt new --kind=workspace to create a schema.

Select a template

You will be given a prompt to select a schema. If you are new to PowerTools, we recommend choosing the single environment (starter).

This environment will give you a full PowerTools workspace, in a single environment.

If you are not ready to set up a cloud workspace, you can choose the local template. However, this will not let you deploy apps and only works locally.

The schema builder will ask you a few questions. Be sure to have your cloud account id, and domain ready. We recommend choosing the region that is closest to you, when prompted.

Sync your workspace

You now have a workspace schema at .powertools/workspace.yml in your repository. You should get a prompt asking you if you would like to sync your workspace, press (yes) when prompted.

You can also run pt workspace sync to sync your workspace


PowerTools will now ask you to input credentials for your workspace. If you do not have your credentials handy, we recommend following the directions for AWS or GCP before proceeding.

It will take between 5 and 15 minutes for your workspace to get built for you.

You can modify .powertools/workspace.yml and make changes at any time. Use pt schema validate .powertools/workspace.yml to validate your changes before re-syncing.

Setup DNS

Once your workspace has finished syncing, you will see an output message asking you to update your root domain to use your newly provisioned PowerTools nameservers.

For example:

✔ please update to use the following nameservers:

Please go to your domain registrar and update the NameServer records for your domain to point to the values printed.

🔥 Congratulations

Your PowerTools workspace is set up and you can start deploying apps immediately.