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Install and update the PowerTools CLI.

The PowerTools CLI, pt makes it easy for teams to develop, deploy and operate apps on both AWS and GCP.

The CLI does not currently support Windows.

Download and install

You can install the pt CLI a few different ways. The cli ships as a static binary with no dependencies, except Docker.

Quick install

To install for any platform:

curl | sh

This script will install pt to /usr/local/bin/pt.

Mac OS install

pt can be installed using Homebrew.

brew install powertoolsdev/install/pt

Other installation methods

Download binaries

You can download binaries directly from

Simply download the binary for your platform and place it in your $PATH for pt to work.

CLI architecture

pt is built in Go and is distributed as a static, self contained binary. It depends on Docker for local development and builds and has no other dependencies.

pt encrypts and stores some information in $HOME/.powertools. Credentials for your cloud accounts never leave your machine.

CLI updates

To update the CLI, please re run your original installation method.

A future release will add auto-updating to the CLI.