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PowerTools configures logging for your services out of the box.

Query the logs for any service in your workspace using pt logs.

Application logging

All logs from your running services are shipped to your cloud provider's built in logging tool.

To query logs for a running service in real time, simply run pt logs:

step (4/4) - tailing logs for 1 component
✔ tailing logs

waiting 10 seconds before checking for new pods
comp-0-powertools-internal-core-api-prod-0-86b9bbd65-sjnsn tailing logs in real time, starting from 1 minute ago
comp-0-powertools-internal-core-api-prod-0-86b9bbd65-tp22t tailing logs in real time, starting from 1 minute ago

Services with multiple components will query all component logs when running pt logs --tail

Build logging

When you run pt build --push, PowerTools automatically pushes logs to your cloud account(s).

You can use build logs to check the output of a failed build, or the output of a build hook.

This feature is currently in beta.

CDN logging

When you deploy static sites using PowerTools, your cdn logs are automatically pushed into storage buckets.

This feature is currently in beta.

Custom logging integrations

Add custom log destinations to services in your workspace.

This feature is in our short term roadmap.