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Extend services with custom functionality to meet your team's needs.

PowerTools is designed to let you build services the way your team builds software. Each service can be customized to integrate with your existing software tooling and infrastructure.

Lifecycle webhooks

You can configure webhook urls to be triggered at different parts of software lifecycle. If you add a lifecycle block in your service.yml schema, you can trigger webhooks at different phases of your service's lifecycle.

  - type: pre-build

Lifecycle webhooks are a good way to set up Slack or Teams webhooks.

Supported lifecycle hooks include:

  • pre-build - executed at the start of a build
  • post-build - executed when a build finishes
  • pre-deploy - executed when a deploy starts
  • post-deploy - executed when a build finishes

Build hooks

Each component can declare one or more build hooks. Build hooks are useful for running tests, linters and minimizers.

Custom annotations

Add custom annotations to Kubernetes resources that PowerTools deploys for you.

Coming soon. In the meantime, please contact us to learn more.

Custom components

Create custom components so your team can deploy custom cloud infrastructure alongside PowerTools.

Coming soon. In the meantime, please contact us to learn more.